"Partnering With Power, Growing In Love"



The Griots' Healing Circle serves individuals, couples, families, communities and institutions wishing to explore and address life's challenges and transitions. Our services include individual, group and family sessions, custom designed to meet the needs of those we partner with. Additionally, our team provides specialized rituals and life transition services to persons who wish to mark significant milestones in their lives. These milestones include, but are not limited to, marriage, childbirth, life transition and birthday celebrations, as well as rituals of rememberance for the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.

Birthing Ritual: Laying on of Hands

Our Staff will partner with you to address issues associated with:
- Emotional & Spiritual Dis-ease
- Grief, Loss & Bereavement
- Intimate Partnerships
- Family Empowerment
- Major Life Transitions & Health Challenges
- Adolescent Development

                 HOW WE SERVE:

Healing is ignited and expanded when we partner with others

Workshop Sessions:

Our interactive workshop sessions engage group members in a process by which education, enlightment and transformation can be achieved through the use of action methods as well as collective and community sharing, engagement and interaction. Workshop offerings include, but are not limited to, From Grief to Gratitude Part I & II, Partnering With Power: Releasing The Blocks In Our Love Relationships, Rekindling Your Inner Flame &  Walk In The Light. The Griots Healing Circle offers in person as well as virtual sessions to accommodate the scheduling needs of our clientele.

Individual Coaching & Counseling Sessions:

Our one on one, in-person and virtual sessions allow participants to explore both past and present life challenges and transitions that may be blocking an individuals growth, emotional and spiritual well being, acquisition of resources and power in their lives. Clients interested in doing individualized work may do so in the form of coaching, counseling and experiential learning activities that will support them in gaining clarity, focus and a greater sense of power, authority and purpose in their lives.  


"Workshop Hosting"                                                                                                                                                                       Our workshop "hosting" packages offer women an opportunity to co-create a personalized healing experience for a close circle of sister friends, family members and/or colleagues. Our staff supports the "host" as she selects a workshop session or series that will be facilitated for her "group". The workshop(s) are facilitated in the comfort of the home of the "host" or another space of her choice. After the "host" selects a workshop topic, identifies a space where the session will take place and invites her guests, she and the other participants will participate with a session that is facilitated by one of The Griots' Healing Circle staff members. As part of the package, the "host" receives the workshop for FREE as well as additional incentives for organizing the process. For More Information about the "Hosting" opportunity, visit our "WORKSHOPS" page or contact us via phone or email.


Ascension Counseling Services (ACS): Our services for the bereaved provide support to individuals dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our staff guide our clients through their healing process by facilitating the exploration of thoughts, emotions and sacred memories associated with the ascended soul. Services are offered in the form of individual, group and family sessions and are sensitive to the spiritual, cultural and familial beliefs, practices and rituals of the client and/or family. 

Consultant Services: Our consultant services provide community based organizations, faith based institutions, social service agencies and/or academic institutions with professional development workshops, educational sessions, mediation, program analysis and/or supervision to enhance their programs, services and outcomes. Services include, but are not limited to needs assessment and evaluation, work plan development, curriculum development and ongoing feedback, consultation and evaluation.

Sacred Rituals & Ceremonies
Our ceremonies and rituals are provided to individuals, families and communities who wish to include sacred rites and traditions as part of their celebrations, community gatherings and significant life events. These rituals provide the foundation for growth, change, new beginnings and/or endings and are tailored to honor the culture and traditions of the clients being served.

Baby Dedication/Blessing Ceremony


What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues experienced  by individuals or groups. It explores allows for the exploration of the  challenges, issues, concerns, dreams and highest aspirations of individuals, groups, systems and organizations. Action methods are used to enable past, present and future life events to be explored. Issues or problems and their possible solutions are enacted rather than just talked about. Psychodrama offers the opportunity to practice new roles safely, see oneself from the outside in order to gain insight and meaningful change. It is mostly used as a group work method, in which each person in the group can become a therapeutic agent for other members. Developed by Jacob L. Moreno, psychodrama has strong elements of theatre and encourages the use of improvisation and props to enhance the therapeutic process.

What is Sociodrama?

Sociodrama is a an action method that allows participants to assume and dramatize a variety of roles, usually focusing on problems and conflicts arising in group situations. It is a way of simulating what happens in life in order to: explore social issues; develop greater understanding between groups and individuals; problem-solve and make decisions; experiment and try out new options; rehearse new roles and strategies and predict outcomes. Sociodrama allows participants to experience and learn from the process of social learning in a group.

"A Choice To Heal, A Chance To Grow"

What is a Griot (Gree-0)? 

A Griot or Jeli  is a West African poet, storyteller, praise singer, and wandering musician, who is considered a repository of oral tradition. In African tradition, the griot maintains the history of the culture and/or family and passes it down from generation to generation. The Griots' Healing Circle creates a sacred space where every member can embody the spirit of the griot by sharing their stories of challenge and triumph. In this sharing, transformation can take place and healing can begin.

You are a historian.....; You are the griot of your own life….

As our families heal, our communities transform

"Healing is a labor of love and liberation"