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The Griots’ Healing Circle is a community of partners offering live and virtual healing experiences to men and women who are on a journey to rediscover their power and purpose on the planet. The Griots' Healing Circle has a multi-disciplined and professional staff who utilize the arts of spiritual counseling, coaching, sacred storytelling, action methods, psychodramatic techniques and energy work to support individuals, groups, families and institutions with gaining greater insights, clarity and understanding of themselves in the context of their interpersonal relationships and to offer tools that will support them as they navigate the various facets of their lives. Our programs, services and techniques are innovative, culturally relevant and uniquely designed to address the needs of the our clientele. Our staff seek to co-create empowering experiences with our partners in healing so that they can reframe, relearn and reintegrate thoughts, emotions and behaviors to enhance the quality of their lives and access their innate power.


OUR MISSION: The Griots' Healing Circle's mission is to engage and support our clients, in the process of deeper exploration, learning and discovery as they seek to examine the past, explore the present and embrace the future filled with endless possibilities. We achieve this by way of our consultant services, educational and spiritual workshops, tele-classes, sacred rituals, and by our use of innovative and ground breaking techniques. We are committed to utilizing these tools to promote the growth, healing and elevation of our clients so that they may achieve a higher level of "doing" and "being" within their families, communities and the world at large.

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Our stories are testimonies of survival and triumph. 

Join our sacred healing circle.

Tell your story and let the healing begin.

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What is Transformative Storytelling?
Transformative Storytelling allows participants to share the power of their personal stories to facilitate individual, group and subsequently, collective healing. For Aeons, the art of storytelling has been an integral part of the lives and cultures of people all over the world. The telling of personal and cultural histories through stories and oral narrative creates an environment where mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing and transformation can occur. ARE YOU READY TO TELL YOUR STORY SO THAT YOU CAN TRANSFORM?





"The Walk In The Light With Me"

21-Day VIRTUAL Ritual For Women

In Honor of Women's Month  

    The Ritual Begins On Saturday, March 7th and Culminates on Saturday, March 28th  


 Be The Tree Rites of Passage Women's Collective  

(Spring 2015 Cycle) 

For More Information Call: 718-781-6979 





"To transform is to surrender to your destiny"


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